Tamara Gold

Grandmaster Trainer-Mentor, Neuro Coach, Shadow Work Specialist

empowering women leaders through Holistic high performance

Tamara Gold Neuro Coaching offers a dynamic, mindful and integrative coaching approach for women leaders. Together we discover unconscious patterns, the root causes of your cyclical burnout, and self-sabotage, and create the awareness, healing, habits, and change to reach your highest potential, purpose, and impact.   

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Welcome, I’m Tamara….

Transform Your Pain & burnout into Power, purpose-driven impact

” Tamara Gold works magic! She helped me to develop and transform my business dreams and aspirations into absolute reality and much more.”

💖Tamara is truly special! It has most certainly been a lot of hard work, but Tamara guides me with calculated and manageable tasks that quickly add up to big transformative leaps. The business that was only a wishful thought in my mind a year ago is already thriving and projecting multiple six-figures.

Before Tamara, I was burned out and could only see the mountain before me. It was time to close my massage practice, and create and launch my signature program. She not only directs me to the best paths forward but also helps me to find and dissolve the boulders (my personal blocks) that hinder my progress. This is what makes Tamara extraordinary as a coach; she doesn’t just share so many phenomenal skills in personal alignment, business development, and promotion but she connects with each client on a very intimate and personal level.

Working with Tamara is not just a step-by-step vision quest and business-building endeavor, but rather a life-changing experience that builds confidence and inner knowing. If you take the journey with Tamara, be prepared to work hard, be held accountable, and wake up realizing you are actually achieving your dreams. I highly encourage it!

Kim Kizzier Sherrodd

Founder of Applied Integrative Therapy, LLC

NBCAAM Board Member

Meet Tamara gold, Grandmaster,
mind-Body Expert, Mentor & Neuro Coach

Tamara Gold is a seasoned coach, mentor, and integrative master practitioner with 37 years of experience. She is a certified life, business, advanced trauma and transformation neuro coach with 8 specializations from spirituality, advanced mindfulness, trauma to relationships, education, wealth, entrepreneurship and leadership. With over 17 certifications in brain-based bodywork, transformational coaching and healing training systems, she is an expert in her field. Tamara is a AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation Grandmaster Trainer, Master NMT, Brain-based Movement Therapist, Integrative Somatic Trauma Yoga Therapist, Advanced Yoga Psychology, and Shadow work facilitator, among others. Tamara helps driven professional women maintain their whole-being on every level of the mind, body, and spirit.

Tamara’s unique background includes starting her first holistic high performance company at 18, a mobile massage and training business focused on bodybuilders and peak athletes. She was recruited by Capital Fitness National Franchise as a regional fitness director, and was quickly promoted to GM for multiple full-service fitness units. She led her 3 units to generate over 300 million dollars in net revenue, with the highest member retention rates, personal training packaging and client weight loss transformations, company wide, in over 5 years. Tamara broke company records, set new cultural norms, and rose to the ranks of executive leader. In under one year, she single-handedly built the national franchise’s top-performing units, trainers, instructors, sales and support team members. Capital Fitness designed a GM training and recruitment program around her unique management style.

Tamara’s passion has always been to empower others to unlock their fullest potential, intuition and vital force energy. As a dynamic and multi-dimensional healer, teacher, and coach, Tamara is dedicated to helping her clients overcome limiting beliefs, unresolved events/traumas/shadows to guide them step-by-step to embrace all of their personal power. This dedication deepened when she had to help herself overcome debilitating burnout, and chronic pain from a car accident that created a serious spine and neck injury. It was during this journey that she realized the absolute importance and powerful connection to healing your shadows and past traumas as a serious element to achieving full embodiment of your purpose and how you are designed to create impact in the world through your work.

Her work is not only holistic, non-conventional, and deeply effective but also fun and transformational. Tamara provides a safe, supportive sanctuary for her clients  (whether is in person, via group or virtual) to heal and reach their upper limits.

If you peek at her testimonials, you will see that her clients leave her BodyTalk sessions (physical-energetic support) or Neuro Coaching experiences feeling blown away, lighter, deeply nurtured, healed, and empowered to harness their dreams, take control of their own health and wellbeing. Many clients have said that working with Tamara has forever changed their lives. This work allows clients to stop leading and living from their wounds, to live fully-expressed from their deepest core values, unique energy design, and highest potential.

Elevating coaching For Women,

helping women leaders Thrive In their Calling.

 Illuminated Leader

monthly Membership   

Our Illuminated Leader Monthly Membership is designed specifically for service-driven women leaders to Thrive in Your Calling: Heal Your Your Shadows, Overcome Overwhelm & Cyclical Burnout, and Cultivate Effortless Abundance.
Pre-Sale Enrollment Offer: Hold Your Spot For $1 Today, Membership Opening Ceremony Begins March 1st, 2023.

Illuminated Leader

Shadow work  Neuro Coaching

This type of coaching combines neuroscience, human design, and depth shadow work with cutting-edge tools to help women through an individualized process of self-discovery to identify and overcome the impact of their unconscious shadows, unresolved emotions, and limiting beliefs and begin living through  their unique gifts, shadows, and authority to reach their goals and highest potential.


Mentorship with Tamara Gold 

I help high-achieving women overcome chronic burnout, unhappiness, and imposter syndrome fueled by unresolved trauma, high stress, relationship dysfunctions, and career plateaus. Through my unique integrative approach, mentorship, shadow work and neuro-somatic coaching, you unlock your full potential without sacrificing their well-being and authenticity, even if traditional and integrative methods have failed them in the past.

“If you feel doubtful, confused, or aimless — like you’re throwing bb’s at a wall, you need Tamara in your corner.”

“This is not like ANY coaching experience you will ever have. Tamara really blew me away with her approach. I appreciated how she guided me through a complete realignment process back to my most empowered self and through the transitioning of my career from a toxic corporate 9-5, following my dream of moving to Florida and starting my own independent hair business.

She helped me recover fully from serve burnout. Her stress management and food healing protocols addressed my serious health issues, as well as, the birthing of my own creative business and discovery of my deepest passions. Her intuitive neuro-coaching process saved me years of guesswork, therapy, planning, tons of time and hundreds of dollars energy and resources.

Her unique process provided me with a customized roadmap to help me understand how I stand in my innate authority, resolve past trauma and limiting beliefs, overcome my fears, and precise ways to align my decisions and actions. I know where to focus my efforts to move forward to create a seamless transition. She worked with me to develop a clear sense of where I’m headed along with a distinct timeline. Yet, there we’re times just for integration and space. I was not overwhelmed and this was incredibly useful to determine what investments to make, where to focus my energy and effortlessly say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the opportunities that come my way.

Jolanda Donovan – Independent Business Owner & Artist

“I was burned out, over-giving, and feeling caged by my own business”

“Working with Tamara has been a transformative experience for me, physically, mentally, emotionally, personally and professionally. I came to her feeling deeply burned out, constantly over-giving, undercharging, and feeling caged by my own business, but Tamara’s holistic coaching approach has completely changed my perspective.

Tamara is more than just a coach, she is a multifaceted expert in her field – a coach, teacher, medical intuitive healer with a vast amount of healing knowledge, and a business mentor all rolled into one. She offers a unique level of care and coaching that no one in her field comes close to. Her intuitive shadow work process, precise self-care and integration steps have been a game-changer for me.

As a result of working with Tamara, I feel light, energized, and have just tripled my business with my most profitable month in my business, EVER! I achieved serious and sustainable growth in just 30-days. I highly recommend Tamara’s holistic style of coaching to anyone looking to transform their life and business.”

Helen Doulos, Owner – Raydiant Skin By Helen

Tamara Gold Neuro Coaching

Unlock your full potential and achieve new levels of performance, fulfillment, and purpose with our holistic coaching programs designed specifically for ambitious and purpose-driven, service-centered women leaders. Don’t let stress and the demands of life hold you back. Let’s find the perfect path to unlock your true potential.

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