Harness Your Healing Potential.

Empower Every Aspect Of Your Life, On-And-Off The Mat.


Yoga is more than doing a cool pose for the gram, an occasional asana, or meditation practice. 

More importantly, Yoga Therapy (also called yoga psychology) is a dynamic tool to harness the power of your mind and specifically applies yogic practices like breath-work, meditation, including targeted brain-based movement or postures to help you overcome chronic or subtle pain, stress, and limitations to address the unique needs of each individual while building vitality, resilience, awareness, and a fully expressed version of yourself and your life.

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Live Life From A Fully Healed

and Expressed Space Within…

Over the past 34-years, I’ve witnessed

what disempowerment from years of living with

chronic pain, stress, unresolved emotion and

un-nurtured living does to a woman. I’ve

empowered, guided, coached and trained

thousands of women through crippling

pain and burnout (been there myself!).

My Empowered Living Yoga Therapy & Lifestyle

Programs are about guiding women to become

their own resource for deep healing, to learn how

to intuitively integrate therapeutic mind-body

strategies, beyond my treatment room, or their

yoga mat to create a truly EMPOWERED LIFE.

Entertainment or Yoga? photo credit: fitqueenirene

Monastic meditation and extreme Yoga are out. 

Neuroscience has proven developing a relaxed mindful state of awareness in combination with Yoga Therapy to be MOST EFFECTIVE for chronic pain and stress relief.

Extreme poses may

look cool but,

a practice to create a

healthy mind and

pain-free body is life


Social media is littered with extreme yoga visuals, as seen here in this tail-shedding lizard pose, which really just cultivates unrealistic expectations, barriers, frustration, fear, elitism,  even an unhealthy level of comparison and competitiveness for most women;

On a good day, many of us cannot touch our toes or sit in a lotus pose comfortably for very long without a proper warm up.  Social media has turned yoga into a performance, reducing the essence of yoga and it’s 8-limbs down to a series of attention seeking poses, extremes and surface-level promises, turning most people away from the depth and true healing potential Yoga and Yoga Therapy offers.

We practice yoga differently here! I’m here to empower you with holistic yoga practice, utilizing mindfulness, breathwork, brain-based, evidence-based and neuro-spiritual disciplines that guide you through a comprehensive therapeutic yoga journey that offers you tools from stress relief, mindfulness, mantra, meditation, and movement science for  pain relief, mental clarity, spiritual enrichment, increased performance, and monthly goal setting, to leveraging yoga psychology insights, the kosha and chakra system, to  create whole life alignment,–in an safe, intimate, relatable community.


 is an online therapeutic yoga community that delivers the holistic experience of a brick-and-mortar studio plus intelligent progressive mind-body programming that delivers results. 



We integrate on-and-off-the-mat progressive programming and teachings to help you effectively manage chronic stress, neck, back and hip pain, adaptations and demands of modern living. Through a infusion of brain-based Movement Neurology, Yoga Therapy, Advanced Mindfulness, AumaKhua-Ki® Meditation experiences, Yoga Psychology, Mantra Science, and evidence-based Neuro Coaching programming we guide you through a 90-day comprehensive and progressive therapeutic practice, chakra teachings, monthly live meditations, hot-seat coaching and co-healing events to  teach you to harness your healing potential, deepen your personal practice and empowering you to create a fully expressed life. Together, we co-create life-changing shifts and transformation.

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