Podcast re-launches Jan. 2021. Introducing mindfulnessinmotionpodcast.com
Back story, In June, 2020 we began testing topics for the community with the Bliss Body Podcast. We listened to and LOVED ALL your feedback.

I heard you my fellow wellness-based coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs. You wanted more aspects for mindfulness, MBSR, mindset, and success so, I’ve expanded and repackaged the podcast to cover exactly that all things mindfulness, mindset, business, intuition, and more. Helping you to create success from the inside out.

Listen on Jan 01, 2021.


I’ve spent 34-years immerse in learning and teaching human potential, 21-years teaching wellness-based professionals and entrepreneurs how to leverage their innate skills, gifts, intuition, learning, and communication styles to create industry-leading professionals, and sales teams within multi-million dollar national franchised fitness centers throughout Chicago. Then, starting in 2016, I made a massive shift to focus on a big gap that I saw missing in the marketplace: The Health, Wellness, and Mindset of Wellness Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Now, my passion and focus are to help transform wellness-based leaders and entrepreneurs into thriving, mindful CEOs in their business to GROW and SCALE purpose-driven and profitable practices and businesses into 6 and 7-figure change-,making and impact-creating empires. Jan. 2021, I launch The Mindfulness-In-Motion Podcast and my signature program, Mindfulness-In-Motion Membership, to help other wellness leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs develop the skills to prevent burnout, enhance decision making, build purpose-driven and profitable businesses while making their mark online, and in their communities. Helping entrepreneurs become more mindful, intuitive, and impactful. My team and I curate mindfulness and meditation-based training, the AumaKhua-Ki® Masters 6-month Energy-Meditation Immersion Program, and a high-level mastermind called Vision Quest a 12-month event for wellness leaders and entrepreneurs to attend, connect and create that next level of success and impact in their lives and careers. I have 34-years of health and wellness industry training expertise, a Certified NeuroCoach with six specializations in Health, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Spirituality, Relationships, Educations. Also certified as a Master Life Coach, Business Coach, Mindset, NLP Practitioner, NMT, Yoga Therapist, AumaKhau-Ki® Master currently in training and mentorship to be Grand Master. Former GM, Regional Director, Leader Trainer, International Podcast Host, Speaker, and have been featured in Mindful Mavericks Magazine. The bottom line? I help coach and train mindful, intuitive, purpose-driven leaders, and entrepreneurs. Helping them to be more effective leaders, communicators, and entrepreneurs while helping prevent burnout and overwhelm. My mission is simple: show wellness leaders and entrepreneurs how to harness their mind, tackle stress and overwhelm. How to use mindfulness to increase productivity, communication, purpose, and profitability harnessing their highest potential, creativity, intuition, and performance. Doing what they’re good at mindfully, so life, work, and play simply becomes mindfulness-in-motion helping them to create optimal success from inside out. LIsten on Jan 01, 2021 mindfulnessinmotionpodcast.com

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