“Nature, low-frequency pitch, even specific sounds, and temperament are all potentially music medicine. Stimulating cells with sound can reduce the risk or impact of some common health problems.” Specific research has found a correlation to specific frequencies and healing cancer cells. There is plenty of research connected to sound healing and pain relief too.


How many of you have turned on the radio in your car only to find yourself irritated by the sound.
So what do you naturally do? You just keep clicking to find another station, right?
Well, have you ever found yourself clicking all the stations only to find each one is worse than the last?
Then what happens?
You turn the damn thing off and sit in silence.

The sounds we hear have an incredible effect on our mood, emotions, and even our physiology.

Sound can harm and cause dissidence…
Sound can heal and cause resonance…

In healing circles, there is a correlation of notes in the C Major scale linked to specific chakras.
These charts are found floating all over the internet.
If you see them, ignore them.

Here’s why:

“The origin of the idea of the C Major Scale as correlative to the Chakras, though the most popular in the West, was not one based on either intuition nor science.

It was an innocent misunderstanding of a much older Eastern teaching, which has unfortunately prevailed over the years.

The Law of Octaves, a basic principle of physics, shows a drastically different correlation. It creates a noticeable harmonic attunement, rather than one of dissonance, which can actually cause damage rather than a healing result.

This has been known in the East as well as being one of the ‘secrets’ of the Mystics for centuries; one which can now easily be proven with modern advancements in scientific applications.”

If you’re a practitioner, no, you don’t have to throw out your expensive bowls or tuning fork collections but, you will want to understand how to correctly tune your tools so you are not causing dissidence within your sessions?

Would you like to experience the healing effect of sound with the correct temperament, pitch, and frequency?
I have a playlist all set up for sharing.
One to balance your chakras/endocrine system, pain relief, focus, and more
Here’s the link to my private Solar Sound Spectrum Healing Playlist

Happy Healing!

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