Complimentary Assessment

If you’re ready to take charge of your healing journey and experience a neuroscience-based way to address to roots of stress, how to mindfully free up energy for your brain and body to heal, increase performance, break up with unresolved trauma, and dial into what exactly is keeping you from feeling clear, purposeful, and fully engaged in all areas of life, I invite you to join me for a 20-minute Neuro Coaching Assessment Call.

Together, we will discover:

  • what your body is trying to tell you
  • why you feel so stressed out
  • why you may be resistant to healing
  • why you are plataued
  • why you feel unfulfilled and on a continual hamster wheel

    In 20-minutes, through a powerful evidenced-based neuro-intuitive exploratory process, I will help you reveal:

  • the top 3 unresolved invisible factors driving stress, inhibiting healing, sleep, happiness, and optimal performance.

  • Clarify your needs, priorities, goals and dreams.

  • Assess the gaps between your life you’re living and your core values and where they are fueling dysfunction.

  • Create a distinct timeline and plan for you to heal fully, realign, and learn to integrate mindfulness and neuro-strategies that effortlessly creates intrinsic alignment, fulfillment, and vitality in your body and life. 

If you do not see a time that meets your scheduling needs, feel free to reach me in the chat.

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