Welcome to episode 4 of the Bliss Body Podcast. We continue our pranayama theme for the month by introducing you to a potent breath training style typically used for sports enhancement. However, in addition to boosting athletic performance, this breath technique builds a tremendous amount of resilience by regulating the nervous system, decreases inflammation, pares down weak mitochondria, and grows stronger ones which leads to enhanced energy levels and outcomes. 
IHT – Intermittent hypoxia training teaches your blood to extract oxygen more efficiently from the lungs…It also directly affects your mitochondria and protects them from damage. IHT has been researched and studied by scientists for the last 50 years while being utilized for years to treat various diseases and enhance athletic performance. Intermittent Hypoxic Training styles have been more widely popularized by extreme athlete Wim Hof, a.k.a. The Iceman, who developed his breathing technique combined with cold therapy to create the Wim Hof Method. 
This style of breath training helped me to overcome chronic fatigue and burnout, sustain my energy throughout the day without caffeine and other enhancements, return to exercise without experience post-exercise fatigue, and restore the health of my mitochondria.
If you are suffering from a chronic energy deficiency or even chronic pain symptoms listen in and learn this simple technique you can do even while you walk your dog.
Please enjoy — and stay tuned for another mind-expanding, energy-generating episode next week! 
Tamara Gold, BS, CBodyTalk, NMT, AMN, RYT, IAYT, AKMI-4, NeuroCoach
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