What the heck is Breath Empowerment?
The primary focus of the Breath Empowerment practice itself involves a  breath called the Warrior’s Breath. The Warrior’s Breath is a strong inhale coming from the tip of your nose, and it’s audible. You should be able to hear it. The exhale though is gentle, just allowing gravity to do the work. The Warrior’s Breath is a chest-focused breath, with the chest expanding and rising up. This is different than the abdominal breathing taught in Yoga or even in the standard Qigong belly breath. It’s still a deep, full breath, not shallow, but focusing on the chest rising, not on the belly rounding. Although the quiet belly breath of qigong is ideal for most of the time, this particual version of breath empowerment called the advanced 9-breath method creates  a “waterfall of energy” that fills the abdomen and channels large amounts of Qi through your body creating a full-body vibration. The cycle of inhaling and exhaling is a connected, smooth, breathing rhythm, no pauses, no hesitation. This is important because many people hold their breath in daily life, such as when stressed, without even knowing it. This Breath Empowerment practice will eventually correct a shallow subconscious breathing pattern. Some will feel this vibrating very powerfully like an engine and others will simply notice a slight tingling. It depends on your body constitution. Either way, you are hyper-oxygenating the body and are likely to feel blissed out on oxygen and qi!
Tamara Gold,. BS, CBodyTalk, NMT, AMN, RYT, IAYT, AKMI-4, NeuroCoach
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