Why should you care who am I?
The simple answer is unless you struggle with burnout, imposter syndrome, low energy levels, and excessive stress levels are dissatisfied with your current state of health, performance, happiness, relationships, or work, you probably shouldn’t.

But if you do and you want to know why someone who spent 34-years in holistic high performance, fitness, wellness, spent 14 years in GM & Regional Management positions with over 100+ employees leading and growing multi-million dollar fitness franchises, as well as 9 years as a lead instructor and curriculum design lead for 2-national professional massage therapy training schools, who also holds a plethora of credentials in brain-based and mind-body centered educations, a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, NeuroCoach with 7-specicalization including trauma-centered, Advanced Neuro-Skeletal Therapist, Yoga Psychology  & Yoga Therapist, who has literally spent 3 decades and countless hours dedicating themselves to studying the mind and body to find ways to optimize performance, accelerate healing naturally,

how to go from stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious to rapidly feeling calm, connected, and centered,

from grieving to grateful,

from distracted and unfocused to clear, mindful, and present,

in as little as 1 coaching or training program away,

then you might just want to pay attention.

This is what makes me particularly well qualified to tell you everything and anything you have ever wanted to know about…

Mindfulness-based spiritual – professional development,

brain-based chronic pain, mindfulness-based stress relief, and high performance,

Mind-Body centered practice enhancement, or Personal Mastery.
My name is Tamara Gold. I am Master Trainer & Practitioner, Neuro Coach, Intuitive and neuroscience-based Spiritual Coach & AumaKhau-Ki® Grand Master. I look forward to working with you.



What makes Neuro Coaching unique? The phenomenon that occurs through the convergence of your intention, and the executive, intuition, and imagination brain networks in action; creating a peak mental state of relaxed mindful awareness which cultivates presence, resilience, deep core alignment, healing, and lasting transformation actualized in all aspects of your life. 

*A regular occurrence when working with Tamara Gold 


Mindfulness Shift Of The Week

The insights from my Self-Mastery NeuroCoaching training today has cleared one of my biggest creative blocks! I LOVE this intuitive way of navigating mental blocks, and creating a deeper connection to what I want to create in the next chapter of my life!! In fact, it’s brilliant, relaxing, beyond intuitive and not overwhelming like I’ve experienced before. These insights help me to understand what goals no longer serve me and are about embodying the best version of me, one who already is ready to achieve the next level of success, creativity, purpose and impact. I’m excited to put this all IN MOTION!

– Hailey Morton


Tapping Into The Healing Power of the Mind with Yantras and Mantras
Tapping Into The Healing Power of the Mind with Yantras and Mantras

HARNESSING THE POWER OF MYSTICAL GEOMETRY When I immersed myself into the world of Mind-Body healing three decades ago, I was introduced to the powerful meditative practices using the Sri Yantra Chakra symbol in my first meditation & yoga teacher training. The Sri...


DOES STRESS KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT? Anxiety, depression, and sleepless nights created from chronic pain, health worries, burnout, chronically stressful environments can lead to HPA axis dysregulation and unbalanced cortisol levels. If you experience chronic stress or...

Can Sound Heal Chronic Pain, Cancer, and Other Diseases?
Can Sound Heal Chronic Pain, Cancer, and Other Diseases?

CAN SOUND HEAL? "Nature, low-frequency pitch, even specific sounds, and temperament are all potentially music medicine. Stimulating cells with sound can reduce the risk or impact of some common health problems." Specific research has found a correlation to specific...

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