This is designed for the highly intuitive, highly driven & performing wo(man) leader/header who craves a very unique and soulful style of mentorship and support.


Success Sacred Mastermind will:

  • Get initiated into your soul’s mission and work through any self-sabotage that say it’s too big for you
  • Dive deep into who you are, what you are good at, and how you are here to impact the world
  • Design your habits, routines, and rituals (in life and business) to support your health and energetic alignment 
  • Attract your Soul Team and create a desirable business by your design, the positions and company culture to support your business or company’s health and each employee’s own individual alignment 
  • Understand the nuances of your role as an individual, a team member, and a leader in the bigger collective picture 
  • Learn to trust your inner authority, intuition and internal guidance system to lead an entire mission and build a business/life that you love
  • Heal your relationship with receiving and managing large amounts of money 
  • A full year to access Tamara’s brain and learn how to operate your business through advanced neuro-leadership strategies and energetics

Welcome to the

Sacred Success Mastermind



Building and running my first team brought on a whole new level of challenge and deconditioning. Although, I do not have insecurities around being a leader, it’s easy to lose balance, completely burned out, or overwhelmed with imposter syndrome when you are constantly facing new challenges while working to build your business, or focused on hitting sales goals, on top of managing the performance, energy, focus, and productivity of tiny to larger teams and maintaining a level of work / life balance that works with your energy and productivity cycles.

It is one thing to trust your intuition recklessly and play around in business when it is a side hustle or a hobby. Especially, when it doesn’t really matter if every month produces consistent net cash flow or you have zero systems or plans for the next few months. This is rampant in the wellness and healing industry.

It is a whole new level of courage to declare that you believe so much in your vision, company and mission that you are willing to build and lead a team with an unconventional and intuitive approach.

In September of 2013, I decided to walk away from corporate management, franchised fitness and education for good, in-spite of my levels of success and multiple 6-figure income…

It was time to stop directing all my energy into building wealth for investors while I grew multiple multi-million dollar fitness and educational franchises and focus on building my own legacy and wealth. Gaining the courage to walk away from big pay days and energy draining toxic corporate cultures for good was truly the largest leap of faith I had made in my life. However, the healing and freedom I felt was everything I had hoped for and more.

I’ve had a few outsourced or part time team members but, I was still determined to be doing most of everything myself – my logic being “I have the time freedom and I may as well be making the most of it”. Which is laced with control and poverty consciousness.

The thing is that my vision and mission is bigger than just me. We are not designed to do everything on our own even if we want to. We are designed to need each others gifts and talents to achieve our highest asperations and wildest dreams.

The hardest phase of my evolution was learning to let go, trust others, to truly practice essentialism, energetic alignment, and let my business be something that I CAN’T run entirely on my own.

Employing multiple people feels scary at times when you don’t have a big corporate veil or budget to cover your ass and a lot like playing roulette with yourself and your company. It’s forces you to level up in a whole new way while leveling up demands that you  Receiving the support you require and deserve will involve trusting that you can consistently receive the money necessary to continue to keep the support.

Why Sacred Success Mastermind

 This program is an embodiment experience to help you identify:

  • your Illuminated Leader – fusion of spiritual gifts & sequences
  • your Genius Sequence – passion & purpose
  • your Pearl Sequence – play & prosperity
  • your Venus Sequence – pleasure & partnership

So that you become confident enough to show up ONLY in this zone, and bring in healthy and aligned support members who amplify your impact.

If you are anything like me you desire to lead a team in a way that is much healthier than most corporations currently in existence.

Examples of companies that communicate and operate in alignment with their Human Design are nearly impossible to find. In our capitalistic society, we see extreme burn out, and miserable people in positions they are unsatisfied with.

This energy is unsustainable and is NOT how I desire to operate.

It took a full 3-years for me to fully heal from chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, restore the health of my nervous system and mitochondria, build the mindful habits to optimize my brain and intuitive functions fully again. Now the goal is to build my team, introduce them to my creative process, and help them align with their own designs to create a sustainable 7-figure business with part-time hours.

Today, my goal is leading a team to fully amplify my work.

They are self-led, honest, satisfied with their positions, and actively involved in the decision-making, project creation, and each and every one of them does absolutely incredible work.

We run programs and mastermind calls, I offer them high level neuro coaching if they need support with anything, and they are comfortable sharing their innovative ideas and opinions with me.

The culture we have created is built on energetic alignment, values driven, and unmatched behind the scenes.

This is what we desire to help you create in your own business.

Effortless workflows.

Collective and effective manifestation and goal setting.

Tangible momentum and excitement about every project.

Flexible timing to allow for high-quality creativity.


Tamara guides successful wo(men) on how to access higher states of mind, embody their design and anchor their abundance into every single aspect of their being…

Then train them on how to become a vibrational match for the level of impact they want to create and the transformation they DESIRE.

The Embodiment Experience

 This 12-month Embodiment Experience will be fully initiated on 01/01/2023.

As an “experience” we are more focused on meeting you where you are than creating a strict curriculum of dense content.

• Weekly Alignment KICK-OFF Calls

• Monthly live interactive energy transmissions with Grandmaster mentor and Neuro Coach, Tamara

• Monthly mini-mind call with your mentor (Tamara will rotate between groups and be on the mini-mind calls a few times with each group throughout the program)

Quarterly variety of healing work:

• Intuitive channeled and somatic healing session 

• Yoga and Yoga Psychology sessions – sound, meditation, mantra embodiment and deep shadow work

• Mind Scape & chakra tapping guided session audios for deconditioning 

Monthly Support:

Monthly community support & office hours in the Sacred Success Mastermind Portal 

• Supportive resources created in response to the group needs (This is an open outlet for Tamara to intuitively create and gift to you anything additional she feels would be supportive)


• Access to all SSM recordings and reference library as they become available ($4,444 value)

• New ILLUMINATED LEADER energy activation and masterclass recordings every quarter ($888 value)

• Exclusive Metamorphosis and Adv. HD Alignment trainings from Team Gold ($ 2997 value)

  • Access to Tamara’s Sanctuary Membership, and ALIGN-functional movement & neuro-muscular repatterning program for high level energetic self-care for one year. (value $6888k)

PIF Bonus 

• Customized Sacred Business Blueprint – A personalized cheat sheet for your sacred business. A personalized guide to running your business according to your energetic design. (value $8888k)

In-person Sacred Success Group VIP day, at Tamara’s private Empowered Living Sanctuary in Woodstock, to be spoiled by Tamara and her team. This is a luxurious 6-hour intensive Human Design Immersion & Soul-Qi Mantra sacred activation ceremony. (value $8888K)

Sacred Success Mastermind is RIGHT For You If You Are:

    • Ready for a deeper level of mentorship, connection, consistency and long-term support
    • Feeling extremely burned out, plateaued, bored, disconnected from your purpose, demotivated, or directionless
    • Are struggling to push through to your next level of income or opportunity.
    • In spite of your expertise, experience, or success you struggle with imposter syndrome feeling like you are not enough or even like too much. 
    • Looking for more out of life than JUST money or success – You want to experience deeper levels of life/work fulfillment.
    • Desire the tools and safe container to unpack your triggers, blocks, and shadow ( the repressed parts of you that inhibit your ability to fully accept and express yourself or feel fulfilled).
    • Willing to share all parts of your story, create the time, and engage fully in the experience.
    • Ready to feel completely energetically, emotionally, and mentally activated, and fully heal your wounds, and frail nervous system.
    • Want to be more present in your life and relationships.
    • 100% ready to invest in yourself and play a bigger game than you’ve ever played before.
    • 1000% ready to take radical responsibility for every single aspect of your life and experience through Tamara’s unique tough-love style.
    • Coachable and ready to “DO THE WORK” to see results.
    • Are ready to become the ILLUMINATED LEADER YOU ARE DESIGNED TO BE. Live and lead according to your own energetic design.
    • Seeking a unique mentorship style of guidance.
    • Ready to do a shit ton of clearing work on your beliefs, habits, and blocks.
    •  Ready to embrace “feminine embodiment”, meaning you are ready to tap more fully into your intuition and the vast garden of feeling, flowing, sensation, and emotion inside of our bodies.

    ” Tamara Gold works magic! She helped me to develop and transform my business dreams and aspirations into absolute reality and much more.”

    💖Tamara is truly special! It has most certainly been a lot of hard work, but Tamara guides me with calculated and manageable tasks that quickly add up to big transformative leaps. The business that was only a wishful thought in my mind a year ago is already thriving and projecting multiple six-figures.

    Before Tamara, I was burned out and could only see the mountain before me. It was time to close my massage practice, create and launch my signature program. She not only directs me to the best paths forward but also helps me to find and dissolve the boulders (my personal blocks) that hinder my progress. This is what makes Tamara extraordinary as a coach; she doesn’t just share so many phenomenal skills in personal alignment, business development and promotion but she connects with each client on a very intimate and personal level.

    Working with Tamara is not just a step by step vision quest and business building endeavor, but rather a life-changing experience that builds confidence and inner-knowing. If you take the journey with Tamara, be prepared to work hard, be held accountable and wake up realizing you are actually achieving your dreams. I highly encourage it!

    Kim Kizzier Sherrodd

    Founder of Applied Integrative Therapy, LLC

    “If you feel doubtful, confused, or aimless — like you’re throwing bb’s at a wall, you need Tamara in your corner.”

    “This is not like ANY coaching experience you will ever have. Tamara really blew me away with her approach. I appreciated how she guided me through a complete realignment process back to my most empowered self and through the transitioning of my career from a toxic corporate 9-5, following my dream of moving to Florida and starting my own independent hair business. She helped me recover fully from serve burnout, intuitively address serious health issues, as well as, the birthing of my own creative business and discovering my real passion. Her intuitive neuro-coaching process saved me years of guesswork, therapy, planning, tons of time and hundreds of dollars energy and resources.

    Her unique process, intuitive channeled info and customized roadmap helped me to map out everything I needed to do release my limiting beliefs, overcome my fears, to align my actions and know where to focus my efforts to move forward to create a seamless transition. She worked with me to develop a clear sense of where I’m headed along with a distinct timeline. Yet, there we’re times just for integration and space. I was not overwhelmed and this was incredibly useful to determine what investments to make, where to focus my energy and effortlessly say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the opportunities that come my way. If you feel doubtful, confused or aimless — like you’re throwing bb’s at a wall, you need Tamara in your corner.”

    Jolanda Donovan - Independent Business Owner & Artist





    Helps you achieve states of super consciousness, emotional, empathetic, and energetic intelligence.

    ⟁ Heals the nervous system

    ⟁Enhances Intuition, claire-sensing, visceral healing and release

    Clears your energetic eco-systems of entanglement’s, energy drains, negative karma, and discordant mental and emotional imprints.

    ⟁Deepens your connection to your divinity and soul

    ⟁Attunes and activates your light body, vital force channel and every energy layer, pathway and system in your body.




    ⟁ Connecting you to how YOU PROCESS through Type and Authority, as well as the ‘mechanics’ behind your actions. 

    ⟁ Showing you how you make “right-aligned” decisions. Creates a better understanding of oneself. Creates an intuitive, more effective leader.

    ⟁ Introduces you to optimal decision-making processes helping you create deep fulfilment, ease, and positive outcomes, which arrives as a result of living your design. It shows you how different you are from others and creates the potential to live your uniqueness.

    ⟁ Effortlessly tapping into your superpowers, highest divinity and unique gifts.  As a sacred leader, your impact and calling are directly connected to your unique design. That means getting to know your design and then trusting your inner decision-making authority helps you accelerator and create aligned opportunities with less effort.

    Sacred Success Mastermind Is NOT RIGHT For You If You Are:

    • Looking for a hand-holder. I do NOT endorse co-dependency mentorship or coaching styles, nor do I utilize ineffective common coaching practices. My goal is to empower you to master your own mind, intuition, mindset, emotions, and energetic patterns so that you can get results even when we are not working together.
    • Looking for a business coach or business consultant to provide you with the step-by-step strategy for your next launch. Although, I offer Neuro Leadership training & consulting for wellness-based businesses or wellness entrepreneurs, the focus and my expertise for this mastermind experience is in helping you achieve depth, clarity, alignment, and full integration of your human design, intuition, highest values, and vision. Enhancing your ability to create massive impact and self-express your unique signature of healing or teaching, while achieving higher states of abundant living. I will guide you through multiple strategies to overcome cycles of burnout, optimize your brain networks, intuition and mindset (neuro psychology) to enhance-intuitive problem solving, fulfilment, and purpose around life/work/business – not the marketing and strategy.
    • Living and working from a victim or negative mindset, rarely assume responsibility or full accountability for your existing circumstances, outcomes or why certain things happened to you in your past.
    • Cannot invest, manage your attention or energy to stay disciplined and dedicated to a full 12-month immersive and highly activating experience.







    Receive the pay in full bonuses.




    6 Monthly Payments of 






    12 Monthly Payments of 




    Extended Payment Plans

    Discuss extended payment plans with our team email us at




     Team Discounts

    Team Discounts Available

    If you have a team (3+) and want go through the SSM together & receive team neuro-leadership training email us at


    Partner Discounts

    Partner Discounts Available

    If you and your partner (significant other / business partner) want go through the SSM together & receive financial alignment training email us at support@tamaragoldneurocoaching.com




    there will be an Alignment expert for every 4-8 people, you will meet with your Mini-mastermind group and your Alignment expert on an intimate call once per month. These individuals will be available to answer your questions and support you inside of the community container as well.

    -photos coming soon-

     Founder, Women’s Embodiment Coach, Body Whisperer, Energy Mentor – Grandmaster, Adv. Yoga Psychology & Neuro Coaching Expert

    5/2 Emotional Generator

    Organizational, Leadership Training & Emotional Intelligence Training Expert

      Energy Master & Alignment Expert


    There are several healing modalities that we will be including in this program to help you with integrating what you have learned and healing anything that may be holding you back from fully stepping into your genius.


    Sound Healer, Energy Master & Yogi

    5/2 Emotional Generator


    Women’s Embodiment Therapist, Energy Master & Tapping Coach


    Women’s Trauma Counselor & Yogi

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