Learn To Harness The Power

of a Mindful Brain-Body Connection

To Accelerate Your Healing Potential,

Increase Performance,

Access Your Higher Mental Faculties, and

Create An Empowered & Fully Expressed Life.

No matter where you’re starting from or what you want to focus on today, I can and will help you climb your biggest hurdles and achieve the transformation you crave. Below, there is a program, training or retreat designed especially for you to overcome your biggest healing obstacles and mental blocks. Below you’ll find descriptions of my immersion programs. Next to each description you will see a button that will lead you to a page to either learn more about the program or to schedule an assessment call to see if my programs are the right fit for you. 






I use a signature brain-based movement series, evidence-based mindfulness, proven stress relief strategies, yoga psychology,  Qi-Gong, dynamic meditation-based practices, and intuitive-based therapies to teach you to create naturally aligned posture and eliminate chronic pain. Learn to strategically improve the brain-body’s communication through key movement strategies, breathwork, core-work while harnessing the power of evidence-based neuroscience, advanced mindfulness and brain network theory optimization to eradicate pain instantly, increase awareness, muscle function and mobility, build resilience to stress, and maximize your healing potential.

Unlike apps that tether you to your phone, therapeutic brain-based programs that cost thousands, or monastic practices designed for monks and not for modern living challenges, YOGALIGN is a comprehensive program made for people who need adaptive, intelligent brain-based programming, have physical limitations and/or chronic pain yet crave to move, live, and play more.

For the few minutes a day that you invest in your practice, your body heals faster, get’s stronger, becomes more resilient. This will give you a return on that time investment in every area of your life. Enjoy optimized health, deep restful sleep, a huge surge in focus and productivity.

This YOGALIGN 90-Day Yoga Therapy program meets you where you are, and gets you where you want to be.


 An intuitive, soulful, and deeply life-changing program guiding women to heal and release pain, grief, anger, trauma, stress and more.

  • Overcome anxiety, grief, complex mystery pain, burnout, stagnant healing, past trauma, and deep emotional hurdles so that you can fully engage and enjoy your life and relationships again.
  • Reconnect to your deepest core values and remove the misalignments that have become the biggest drivers of stress, dysfunction, and disease in your life, work, and relationships.  
  • Decode epigenetic patterns of disease and dysfunction to free up more physical, mental, and emotional resources to achieve full healing potential.
  • Discover the emotional roots and reconsolidate trauma driving your chronic pain, complex health issues, and dysfunction in relationships.

Many women who come to me having tried EVERYTHING. This unique brain-based, intuitive and bioenergetic program will get you results, give you get your life back, enjoy your family, friends, and favorite things again. Get a new lease on life, create a new level of health, happiness, and vitality from the inside out.

This is my 1:1 high touch Energetic Healing Program where I will coach and guide you on how to address deep seated pain or trauma and help you to move through resistance and self-sabotage to master your physical,  mental + emotional health.

This program helps you to enhance your vitality, healing potential, relationships, and to realign your lifestyle habits to your core navigating values, overcome triggering subconscious childhood development patterns, experience deep intuitive insights and the experiences that have sabotaged your healing and happiness.

This program can be done in person or via zoom and includes:

  • 6 Bi-weekly BodyTalk and NeuroCoaching Sessions
  • An Isochronic Sound Healing Playlist with Full Spectrum Chakra & Energy Attunement, Pain Relief, Sleep, Pineal Gland Activation and Focus Tracks.
  • 1 AumaKhua-Ki® Heart Energy Activation with Hands-on Marma Treatment (In-person only) OR A Remote AumaKhua-Ki® Heart & Marma Activation




Tired of all the yoga, energy healing, or meditation training out there that never moves past the basics? 

The AumaKhua-Ki® Meditation Masters Intensive is a 6-month advanced intensive training with Grand Master, Tamara Gold. This is for yogi’s and practitioners at any skill level in Yoga, energy healing, meditation, or spiritual practice who are ready to deeply immerse themselves into a comprehensive mindfulness-based meditation training program and take their healing/yoga practice beyond basics and intermediate training.

This 6-month accelerator program is designed for the spiritual seeker and intuitively driven soul, hungry to enhance your spiritual practice, understanding of energy activations, and refine your mental faculties, intuition and soul connection. In 6-months, you will surpass the energy activation skills of actual “master energy healers, yoga and meditation gurus” by learning how to harness AumaKhua-Ki® mantra/yantra technology with a modern twist, .

This program is going to teach you how to harness AumaKhua-Ki® yantras, mantras and protocols to create instant states of relaxed mindful awareness, heightened energy awareness and healing skills, to develop resilience, and responsiveness vs. reactiveness, build your internal life force, experience the brain enhancements of working with yantra/mantras, and how to create a dynamic energy meditation practice and experience for your students. and exceed the energy.

  • Advance Your Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual and Healing Practice- Break your meditation and energy practice plateaus. Enhance your intuitive skills. Learn five levels of energy and advanced upper chakra activations levels 1-4 and master,  AK yantra – mantras, and a variety of AumaKhua-Ki ® energy meditation and manifesting protocols.
  • Harness more energy for healing and vitality. Helping you enhance creativity, flow, self-awareness, overcome burnout and overwhelm,
  • Unleash the 7 Sacred Energies of Manifestation. Learn to access your higher mind to unlock more intuitive skills,  and create alignment to your goals, dreams, and desires.
  • Refine your EQ – emotional, BQ -body and intuitive intelligence to increase your resilience to stress and tension.
  • Discover an evolution in spiritual and personal development.
  • Experience deeper transformation, higher energy activations and develop true subtle energy master. Take your energy healing practice to a higher vibration and consciousness level.



Your in the right place if you’ve tried everything for your complex condition and chronic pain. My clientele ranges from high performers, professional athletes, competitive athletes to active retirees, trauma-survivors, and plain old hard working adults. Most have a history of competitive athletics, repeated injury, motor vehicle incidents, overuse, serious structural dysfunction, experience mystery pain or illness resistant to typical western medical treatments.

This is an advanced fusion of custom brain-based bodywork, medical intuitive work and movement programming to help you retone the nervous system, enhance neuromuscular communication, achieve structural realignment, healthy neuro-muscular function, strength, pain free movement and range of motion.

Program enrollment closed until 2022.

IAEN certified NeuroCoaches are now showing organizations, MBA Programs, and schools throughout world how to integrate these new mindfulness-based protocols into current learning, leadership, and therapeutic models.
One of the goals of IAEN is to share these strategies with others, along with new neuroscientific discoveries that can change the way we perceive ourselves and the world, allowing one to achieve more success and satisfaction in life.
Mindfulness-based NeuroCoaching
There are now over 3000 evidence-based studies demonstrating the effectiveness of mindfulness-based strategies and their integration into many fields of psychotherapy, medicine, and education. The brain-based protocols and strategies of NeuroCoaching are fundamentally anchored within the broader context of mindfulness-based communication strategies, another unique aspect that distinguishes our approach from other mindfulness-based coaching modalities.




Helping you harness your highest potential through the power of intuition, advanced mindfulness-based stress relief, and evidence-based neuroscience coaching strategies.

Many traditional forms of coaching follow a model in which the client presents a problem – personal, relational, professional, or health-related – and the coach sets a clear direction to solve that problem based on the coach’s values, beliefs, knowledge, and experience. The client either passively or actively explores that problem as seen through the lens of the coach’s theoretical orientation.

NeuroCoaching rejects that model. It involves a neurologically documented process that interrupts the authoritarianism and theoretical belief system of the coach that can easily undermine the natural neurological autonomy and self-trust of the client.
Three stages of interaction take place:
• The coach first teaches the client how to enter into a state of “Relaxed Mindful Awareness”.
• The coach introduces a unique form of back-and-forth mindful dialogue – called “Compassionate Communication”.
• The coach encourages the client to use their imagination and intuition to seek new insights into their problems and to creatively explore new ways to achieve desired goals.


Evidence-Based NeuroCoaching
All of the NeuroCoaching strategies practiced by members of IAEN are supported by high level evidence-based studies published in the top 10% of the 35,000 publications listed on PubMed.gov – a combination of systematic reviews, randomized-controlled studies, and cohort studies which have shown consistent, measurable, and substantial benefits compared to traditional and current coaching strategies.
Most of our NeuroCoaching strategies are unique, including thermoregulatory cognitive stress reduction (yawning), micro-movements for pain reduction, intuitive problem-solving based on Brain Network Theory, and the Compassionate Communication processes that are documented in the Journal of Executive Education. They have directly grown out of the collaborative brain-scan and educational research of Andrew Newberg (Jefferson University) and Mark Waldman and Chris Manning (both from Loyola Marymount University) and are documented in Words Can Change Your Brain and NeuroWisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness, and Success.
NeuroCoaching includes evidence-based strategies that involve the conscious stimulation of the Salience Network in a way that improves overall brain network functioning that regulates emotional stability, motivation, planning, creative problem-solving, and the ability to interrupt memory processes that re-stimulate past emotional traumas.



Shed what no longer serves you once and for all. Radically upgrade and realign to your most authentic self, create more fulfillment, MANIFEST your deepest desires in the New Year!

ATTUNE is a soulful immersion guiding women to release what no longer serves them. This 2022 Retreat, is an UPGRADED & LIVE version of my digital new year boot camp. This is an immersive intuitive experience that will help you recalibrate that GPS to fulfillment, create crystal CLARITY around your deepest core values, desires, then help you understand how to create a sustainably successful and purpose-filled New Year.

Our participants experience major breakthroughs and learn techniques to keep themselves aligned all year. This virtual live event while actually helping you understand the true conscious & unconscious drivers of your happiness, abundance, and how to put those in action to create epic alignment! This unique retreat offer opens up only ONCE a year! Sign up for the Empowered Woman – Creating An Epically Aligned Life 2021 Retreat Waitlist below to be the VIP’s who receive the 72-hour pre-launch rate and to be the first to know when doors open!

Your Souled-Out Business Blueprint

A personalized cheat sheet for your Business by Energetic Design


A 30+ page personalized guide to running your business according to your human design.

We go over:

  • Utilizing your type and profile in business
  • How to effectively use your strategy and authority in business
  • Nail your Niche
  • Leveraging social media
  • Copywriting for your aura
  • How to work with your unique combination of defined and undefined centers
  • Soulful selling by design
  • Launching by design
  • A map of YOUR manifestation process
  • Your core wound and greatest talent
  • Branding for your design
  • Calling in your soulmate tribe
  • Your secret sauce to abundance
  • A money blocks cheat sheet (and a guide to working through them)
  • And so much more!


With this guide you will have a quick reference for:

Know what offers you are designed to create (so you don’t get caught up in ideas that sound good but aren’t aligned!)


Maintain the perfect balance of structure and freedom in your monthly, weekly, and daily schedules

Have a process for setting goals that you can energetically connect with and achieve

** Disclaimer: there is an estimated 10-14 day turnaround for these personalized blueprints. We appreciate your patience!


This is a 6-month immersive co-creation experience (limited to 30 participants) and specifically designed for committed, passionate, wellness-centered entrepreneurs and impact makers. The program is hosted, curated, and moderated by Tamara.

  • The Impact Business Accelerator for healers and holistic entrepreneurs, is an experience designed to help you become most align, expressed and soulfueled. I support you, help you to re-define, refine, and determine your most authentic inspired expression of your life path, maximizing your business and providing you with the tools to keep it all mindfully-in-motion. This program combines strong loving neuro-leadership, a great small group of like-hearted fellow travelers, mindful and intuitive applications infused with a whole lot of neuro-based entrepreneurial success science.

If you’ve had success in your life and career already, and you are itching to reach a higher level of purpose and service…You’re ready to master your own unique energetic dna and utilize it to prevent burnout, make aligned decisions and solve problems faster.

If you’re looking for deeper meaning or to create a bigger vision n how you live your life and share your gifts… then this program is for you.

If you are willing to commit to learning how to make a shift, then The Vision Quest Accelerator will empower you to make sustainable progress, manifest tangible success, and have a map to explore the new terrain with a group committed to the same intentions.

Core Components: 


  • Access to The SOULED-OUT BUSINESS Accelerator Group: 
    • Quarterly private strategy sessions (4 calls total) to develop your 90-day plans. 
    • 3x monthly group calls for 12 months (36 calls total)
    • Access to The Souled-Out Accelerator replays (while a member) and The Souled-Out Accelerator Slack Communities.
    • Access to the masterclass library as long as you are a member in good standing.
    • 2-levels, 8-hours, of  AumaKhau-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation Level 1 & 2  Training to begin to develop energetic and mental mastery. Learn mindfulness-based energetic practices using yantra/mantras to enhance your intuition and subtle energy practice. You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement honoring the privacy of the proprietary yantra/mantras. Honoring the sacredness and initiation of the work.
    • Applications and enrollment opens again Spring of 2022.


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