Learn To Harness The Power of Your Brain To Manifest A Powerful New Reality.

Put on your learning cap and get ready to dramatically shift your mindset so you can manifest all your goals and dreams. No matter where you’re starting from or what you want to focus on today, there was a program, course or book designed especially for you. Below you’ll find descriptions of my immersion programs. Next to each description you will see a button that will lead you to a page to either learn more about the program or to enroll and get started right away. 






This is a 6-month immersive co-creation experience (limited to 30 participants) and specifically designed for committed, passionate, wellness-centered entrepreneurs and impact makers. The program is hosted, curated, and moderated by Tamara.

  • The Vision Quest Accelerator experience is designed to support you, to re-define, refine, and determine your most authentic inspired expression of your life path, maximizing your business and providing you with the tools to keep it all mindfully-in-motion. This program combines strong loving neuro-leadership, a great small group of like-hearted fellow travelers, mindful and intuitive applications infused with a whole lot of neuro-based entrepreneurial success science.

If you’ve had success in your life and career already, and you are itching to reach a higher level of purpose and service…You’re ready to master your own unique energetic dna and utilize it to prevent burnout, make aligned decisions and solve problems faster.

If you’re looking for deeper meaning or to create a bigger vision n how you live your life and share your gifts… then this program is for you.

If you are willing to commit to learning how to make a shift, then The Vision Quest Accelerator will empower you to make sustainable progress, manifest tangible success, and have a map to explore the new terrain with a group committed to the same intentions.

Core Components: 

  • Access to The Vision Quest Accelerator Group: 
    • Quarterly private strategy sessions (4 calls total) to develop your 90-day plans. 
    • 3x monthly group calls for 12 months (36 calls total)
    • Access to The Vision Quest Accelerator replays (while a member) and The Vision Quest Accelerator Lab Slack Communities.
    • Access to the masterclass library as long as you are a member in good standing.
    • A private neuro-spiritual enhancement workshop series for Vision Quest members which includes 8-hours of  AumaKhau-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation Level 1 & 2  Workshop Training to develop a mindfulness-based energetic practice using yantra/mantras to enhance your intuition and subtle energy practice. You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement honoring the privacy of the proprietary yantra/mantras. Honoring the sacredness and initiation of the work.
    • Enrollment is open now. Group program starts March 1st, 2021.


AumaKhua-Ki® Masters 6-MONTH


Ever wanted a PhD in energy healing, intuition development, and manifestation? Tired of all the energy, intuitive or meditations training out there that never moves past the basics? 

The AumaKhua-Ki® Masters Intensive is for people at any skill level in energy healing, meditation, manifestation or yoga who are ready to immerse themselves into a comprehensive holistic training program to help you refine and accelerate your learning curve around energy wisdom, upgrade your skills to generate and direct energy and help you come of out the “energy healing” box.

 Designed for the soul that’s passionate about energy-mastery, this 6-month long training intensive is going to teach you how to harness AumaKhua-Ki® yantras, mantras and protocols to build internal Qi, experience the brain enhancements of working with yantra/mantras and energy meditation, and exceed the energy practices offered in most of today’s “trendy” healing work. 

  • Advance Your Energy & Meditation Practice- Break your meditation and energy practice plateaus. Enhance your intuitive skills. Learn five levels of energy and advanced upper chakra activations levels 1-4 and master,  AK yantra – mantras, and a variety of AumaKhua-Ki ® energy meditation and manifesting protocols.
  • Harness more vital life force energy. Helping you enhance creativity, flow, self-awareness, overcome burnout and overwhelm,
  • Unleash the 7 Sacred Energies of Manifestation. Learn to access your higher mind to unlock more intuitive skills,  and create alignment to your goals, dreams, and desires.
  • Refine your EQ – emotional, BQ -body and intuitive intelligence to increase your resilience to stress and tension.
  • Discover an evolution in spiritual and personal development.
  • Experience deeper transformation, higher energy activations and develop true subtle energy master. Take your energy healing practice to a higher vibration and consciousness level.


Mindfulness-In-Motion 2021 Bootcamp, is an UPGRADED & LIVE version of my digital new year boot camp. This immersive intuitive experience will crystal CLARITY around your deepest core values, desires, and help you understand how to create a sustainably successful and purpose-filled New Year.

This virtual live event while actually helping you understand the true conscious & unconscious drivers of your happiness, abundance, and how to put those in action to create epic alignment! This unique Bootcamp offer opens up only ONCE a year so sign up for the Mindfulness-In-Motion Creating An Epically Aligned Life 2021 Bootcamp Waitlist below to be the VIP’s who receive the 24-hour pre-launch rate and to be the first to know when doors open!


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