Meet Your Host: Tamara Gold

Owner of Empowered Living Yoga Therapy, Yoga Psychology & Neuro Coaching Private Studio in Woodstock, Il.

Grandmaster, Master NMT, Neuro Coach, Yoga Therapist

Illuminated Leader ™ Wellness Pro Neuro Leadership & Business Mentor

Health, Wellness & Service-Based 

Professionals & Leaders

are some of the most burned-out, toxic, and chronically stressed people I know.

We all come into the industry because we want change.

Like me, many of you came into the wellness or service industry because you experienced a life-altering event, trauma, health crisis and you want to help others avoid those same pains and suffering.


You finally hit a wall and became so fed up with something in your personal or professional life that you were deeply driven to CHANGE IT. To find more purpose in your work. You really just want to make a difference with what you do. You deeply desire more freedom over your work, to help others, and to create real change and impact by doing something you love. 

Plus, most of you would rather die than sit behind a desk all day. 🙂

For 37 years I’ve trained, coached, and mentored service-driven professionals, healers, leaders, and experts like you.

We truly are a rare breed and yet so many of you are suffering in silence and still searching for your own answers to your own healing and happiness?

So often, our work is how we express the LOVE and HEALING we crave. The work we do each day is a brilliant dance with our gifts, passions and callings in life. It’s an incredible experience of service that can change someone else’s world for the better or give them hope when they most need it! However, we often SUCK at one thing...prioritizing and doing the right type and depth of brain-based SELF-CARE.

One that helps us heal our own wounds for good.

 Ask yourself, which one of these sounds like you? 

  • You’re a real pro at what you do. However, you still struggle with embracing and owning it. You constantly struggle with imposter syndrome or feelings of unworthiness. Right now you’re feeling out of alignment, and you ignore your own needs and boundary’s, undercharge, and over give your time, energy, and attention.
  • You don’t want to admit it but, you feel deeply burned out from your work like your on a hamster wheel,  
  • Your struggle with control or your dance with perfectionism keeps you playing small, feeling isolated, and misunderstood in your relationships and professional settings.
  • You feel like most days you are just drowning in everyone else’s to-do’s and there never seems to be enough left for you? 
  • You find yourself constantly overwhelmed or longing for the need to find a new normal? 
  • Are you constantly struggling for clarity or things to help you feel like your old self again? 
  • You secretly feel deeply dissatisfied, disconnected, traumatized, or taken advantage of in your work, relationships, marriage, or partnerships? 
  • You’ve struggled with feelings of abandonment, unworthiness, shame, mistrust, or money issues all your life?
  • Most days you’re feeling deeply agitated, anxious, or mentally burned out?

Over 37 years, I’ve witnessed many service-based professionals, leaders and healers use their work to avoid processing their own unhealed crap.

We are dancing with our shadows and living with the consequences of trauma every day. We have limited energy, sleep or relationships because our brain is constantly being drained by past hurts that need to be healed in order for us feel safe again- yet most people don’t even realize they’re doing it!

When you heal yourself – both the conscious an unconscious parts–the better your life will become: physically & emotionally, personally & professionally.

Many of us have even experienced disappointment and gaps in our western medical systems. We know that traditional medicine is powerful, but sometimes it’s not enough to address the whole person- Mind. Soma. Soul.

Everyone has unconscious unhealed, and undigested emotions, events, and experiences that we need to work through and for many of you; it is truly what leads you to the work you do today.

If you’re ready to discover what’s holding you back, join the Rewired Challenge. Together, I will help you discover the root cause of your burn out, overwhelm, pain, toxic habits, relationships, money beliefs, and people pleasing.

The why behind the Rewired Challenge:

37 years in practice, management, teaching & leadership has given me a deep understanding and insight into the inner workings behind what drives Health, Wellness & Service-Based pros & leaders health issues, work/life balance, personal-professional and relationship struggles, and career or success plateaus.

I want to share an eye-opening and interactive 7-day, 3 step experience I’ve created called Rewired. This challenge gives you clarity around the invisible factors driving stress and burn out, and the foundational steps to stop living such a stressful and unsatisfying life. 

This challenge will help you find answers, and

EMPOWER you to discover:


A whole person approach to healing through my signature OVERRIDE™ Neuro Coaching formula which utilizes yoga psychology and neuroscience-based shadow work to gain absolute clarity and dynamic transformational results!


How your primary shadow patterns feed imposter syndrome, limit your healing potential and feed muscle tension or chronic pain patterns.


Learn what boundaries you need to heal & feel confident again.


Create a deep sense of calm and safety by learning how your brain creates habits, techniques that help you feel happier in just minutes a day. Melt long-held barriers away with simple powerful neuroscience-based strategies so the fear of change melts away too!


Learn 3 powerful neuroscience-based strategies to rapidly regulate your nervous system, support brain health, improve your healing and performance resourcefulness.



Gain total control of your toxic thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns so that you can stop living and feeling chronically stressed.

The Next Live Interactive Rewired Challenge Begins Wednesday, Nov. 9th.

STOP!!!! You don’t have to wait until Nov. 9th to start your Rewired journey. Get a head start, JOIN NOW and receive full access to the previous challenge content, journals, the group session replays, and our Rewired To Heal FB group.

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