When I immersed myself into the world of Mind-Body healing three decades ago, I was introduced to the powerful meditative practices using the Sri Yantra Chakra symbol in my first meditation & yoga teacher training.

The Sri Yantra Chakra is an ancient symbol with a potent mystical meditation protocol, passed down thousands of years ago, and laid out in the Vedas. The promise…is to unlock the higher faculties and consciousness of the mind. Today, the ancient Sri Yantra has become a trendy design now, but most people who flaunt this symbol know very little about the sacredness, complexity, meaning, and symbology of the nine interlocking triangles and a double ring of lotus petals.

Through practice and study, what I’ve found is there is certainly an undefinable power of an accurately constructed Sri Yantra and for years continued to explore my curiosity about the power of these mystical symbols, their use in meditation, and their effects on our psychic and intuitive abilities

Check this out, in 1987, Russian scientists used EEG technology to prove that the Sri Yantra geometry has the highest frequency of any sacred geometric shape while quickly bringing the observers of the symbol into a meditative state (Source: Biology Faculty of Moscow University, October 30, 1987).

I also grabbed this from an article about sacred geometry, yantras, and mantras. “It has been said that “mathematics is the language of the Gods”. God-consciousness manifests expression through mathematics and geometry. Dr. Michio Kaku, the well-known theoretical physicist, has stated that “we might imagine God as we know him, to be a mathematician”. On a universal scale, there is a direct relationship between mathematics, sound, form, Yantra, and Mantra.”

In tantra yoga, the geometrical form representing sound (mantra) is a yantra. Imagine that every pitch and vibration creates a geometric pattern of expression for that frequency. Each geometrical variant has a unique associated note, pitch, and frequency. The sacred geometrical form (yantra) and the divinized sound (mantra) are inseparable and constitute tantra. Thus, it is often said that “yantra plus mantra equal tantra.”

SIDE NOTE: Tantric yoga and tantric sex are from two different branches of tantra. Traditional Tantra is divided into red tantra and white tantra. White tantra is a solo practice, which incorporates yoga and meditation. It is where the concept of chakras started. White tantra is the form I will always be referring to when I say Tantra. Red Tantra is a sexual practice.

A yantra is not limited to a divine manifestation. A yantra is a geometric pattern that contains both an energy and sacred meaning, deity, or spirit, which is also a representation of sound vibration (mantra). In original tantra practice, the yogi would “install” the mantra – yantra mentally into a chakra.

What I’ve discovered throughout my years of exploration on the topic of meditation, sound healing, yantra and mantra is that there truly is this incredible level of healing power, and increased mental cognition associated with them.

Mantras + Energy Healing

The origin of mantras is lost in hoary antiquity. Mantras are found in the ancient Rigveda (c. 1500-1200 BCE), including the earliest literary reference to the mantra OM. Om referred to as the Pranava mantra, is the fundamental cosmic mantra, “the seed sound of all sounds”, and is undoubtedly the world’s most well-known mantra. Mantras are used extensively in all traditions of yoga and tantra. The purpose of the mantra is to transform consciousness.

Yantras and mantras are referenced in sacred texts over and over as the means of liberating the mind, transmuting the stagnant energy and vibrational state of physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, even the gateway to higher consciousness. Interestingly enough, AK’s unique, proprietary Yantras and Mantras are referred to as “keys of light” and are the core aspects to AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Meditation.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Our AK yantras and mantras are specific keys to a unique labyrinth within the mind. Attuned to a unique channel, band or station on the “radio of light”.

Yantras and Sound Waves

In April, I held a masterclass on Chakras and sound healing with my friend, sound expert, Dameon Keller. When I first met Dameon, and took his sound healing training, quite frankly he connected some major dots for me around the concepts of balancing chakras with specific colors, frequency, and sound. We also discussed cymatics and the healing power of isochronic sound.

Cymatics is the study of wave phenomena and visible sound vibration. Swiss physician Hans Jenny is considered the father of cymatics. He published his life’s work in 1972, the year he died. Jenny made use of crystal oscillators and an invention of his own, the tonoscope, to create the vibration of quartz sand crystals on membranes generated from the sound. He showed that sound vibrations on fluids, powders, and liquid pastes did not create unregulated chaos but rather a dynamic, albeit ordered, pattern. In vibrating the membranes, he discovered, without intending to, that when “Om” was chanted in a very specific tone, the sand medium that he was using, vibrated into the very clearly identified shape of the Sri Yantra. Thus, proving that each mantra – yantra does in fact have a unique vibratory signature.

Sound lies at the heart of all matter. Everything in the universe vibrates, and except for the vacuum of space, vibration generates the transmission of sound as well. We learn in Yoga that sound emerging from God’s essence is indeed the Word of God. Divine vibrations produced by the voice of a soul who resides in the heart of God result in divine sound (mantra). Conversely, divine sound generates divine vibrations which transform all who are in their path.

This research in cynamatics, my friends, helps us to better communicate and validate the uniqueness and healing potentials of each AK symbol we use within our energy meditations and healing sessions. We are in fact creating and sharing a unique vibration and frequency.

Importance of a qualified energy healing and meditation teacher

Lastly, lineage matters. I’ve heard a lot of conflicting conversations and disenchantment about Reiki and its efficacy throughout my career. It’s a lot of the reason why I refused to train in the energy modality. That is until I met Ojela. Ojela, rand Master and the channel for AumaKhau-Ki(R) has over 40 years of sitting with gurus, being attuned by Grand Masters and teaching activation. Honoring sacred systems.

Come to find out, that many students become victims to the whitewashing and westernization of Reiki & other energy systems. That many Reiki attunements and variations are missing large portions of the original attunements. Negating the true essence, attunement, transmission, and activation of the sacred yantra, mantra, and energy. Disenchanting students from energy healing even setting students up to just continue to hop from system to system. Never integrating, mastering or experiencing the deeper treasures within the work.

There is great power in the yantras, mantras, and their power can be incrementally harnessed by those who receive a fully intact attunement/initiation from an integrous teacher working within a traceable lineage regardless of the system.

One of the goals in AK is to maintain the integrity, sacredness, and purity of the attunement, yantras, and mantras. AumaKhau-Ki® yantras and mantras will always remain confidential. You will never see AK yantras – mantras all over the internet, in books, or floating around the web. They are powerful tools of activation and need to be treated as such. Only our initiates will be attuned to, see, and receive these sacred keys and many of you are only one generation away from the source. That, in-and-of-itself, is one of the aspects that makes being part of AK, right now, so incredibly exciting.

As I continue to mentor at the Grand Master level, I’m in shock at the incredible experiences and alchemy I feel with the GM yantras and mantras. As I sat back and reflected on all I’ve learned in the past 10-years with AK, I’m blown away at the sheer number of yantras, mantras, unique activations, combinations, and protocols she has channeled. AK is a treasure chest of light, divination, and manifestation. In my recent discussion with Ojela, after the incredible exploration we shared with GM symbol #20, she shared teaching and a quote from one of her gurus that hit home and one that I want to pass on to you.

“The student must keep digging to receive the treasure. Students cannot hop from teacher to teacher, system to system and find the teachings to experience the treasure. You must stay with the teacher, to get the deeper teaching.”

Think of it like this, someone is digging for a reservoir of water deep in the earth. They start on one hole and dig about 5 then give up. They move onto the next hole and do the same thing. Then repeat that a few dozen times…never finding the water (treasure). When in reality, the first hole had what they needed if he would have just stuck with it and dug 2-3 more feet.

AK yantra-mantras are keys to light and the infinite number of doors and dimensions in the mind. Immerse yourself into your AK practice. Play and share the light.

DIG. Keep digging. Stay with it. Go deep. Find the treasure.



Tamara Gold, Neuro Coach, AumaKhua-Ki® Grand Master, Spiritual Teacher

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photo source: Pexel


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