NEUROSCIENTIST, YOGA & WELLNESS EXPERTS AGREE, THAT MINDFULNESS-BASED YOGA NIDRA SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVES OUR ABILITY TO MANAGE CHRONIC PAIN & STRESS, and significantly improves the quality of our sleep, promotes mental health, and currently used to help veterans cope with PTSD, anxiety, and trauma.
If you are a modern woman struggling with anxiety, battling with symptoms caused by chronic stress, or just curious about the how, what’s, why’s of this technique, then you are in the right place. Click to listen. Let’s take a journey through the power of this progressive mindfulness tool. If you can lay down, you can Yoga Nidra. One that can help you sleep better, feel less anxious in minutes, and even provide you with effortless chronic pain relief especially if
Before you decide that this is just another “trendy” meditation where you just sit down, cross your legs and clear your mind…well, think again.
I chose this topic for our first Bliss Body Podcast episode due to the medical research, implementation, and effectiveness for the treatment of PTSD, its impact on anxiety, and chronic pain. The timelessness, intelligence, intuitiveness, and flow of this progressive mindfulness tool is nothing to shake your head at. Yoga Nidra is proven to help you build more resilience, mindfulness awareness, and a state of mind that enhances true relaxation and cellular level healing.
The mission of the Bliss Body podcast, and this episode, is to connect you to proven mind-body, mindfulness, and intuitive strategies to help you #selfheal, when all other tools have failed and in just a few mindful minutes a day.
This is certainly a method of meditation for you to explore and to add to your self-healing toolbox.
Check out this one piece of research on of the Impact of Yoga Nidra and Seated Meditation on the Mental Health of College Professors
Conclusions: Results indicate that both interventions represent an effective therapeutic approach in reducing anxiety and stress levels. However, there was a tendency toward a greater effectiveness of the Yoga Nidra intervention regarding anxiety, which might represent an effective tool in reducing both cognitive and physiological symptoms of anxiety.
Tamara Gold,. BS, CBodyTalk, NMT, AMN, RYT, IAYT, AKMI-4, NeuroCoach
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